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With FastFax it is now possible to send and receive faxes right from your email application. No more battling with engaged telephone lines and faulty equipment. The cost savings and ease of use of our Fax2Mail solution makes it a definite must have. FastFax ... Digital Faxing Simplified ... Get your free number today.


Send and receive faxes via your email application. Your received number remains your number for life.
No more faxing hardware and consumables required. It replaces your fax machine completely.
Receive delivery notifications on all faxes sent.
The server automatically converts various document formats for faxing.
Send document only once (it will be queued if the destination number is engaged). Faxmail does the rest.

Local Number (086 number South Africa). Free local receive service.

Receive Only: Free of Charge for any 086 number in South Africa.
Sending: Send Enabled. a Monthly minimum charge of R39.95 applies on all send enabled accounts plus call costs (at 70% less than normal Telkom rates).

International Number (011, 012, 021, etc.)

Only R64.95 per month plus call costs at a discounted rate.


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The Advantages of FastFax

number for life With this digital faxing solution people can send you faxes to an 086 number, which translates into cost savings for them.

free local receive service The transfer of data over the internet is approximately 70% faster than over a normal Telkom line. Now you can send faxes via email quickly.

electronic Your digital number will never be engaged.

free local receive service Electronic faxes adds to privacy and confidentiality as only you are able to view your faxes.

digital No paper jams. Fax2email runs without paper.

digital faxing You save substantially on paper by saving documents to disc.

digital faxes If the server is down, the faxes will queue. So, now faxes will be “lost”.

number for life There are no costs to you for receiving faxes (not even line rentals) on an 086 number.

Electronic faxes You can receive your faxes from anywhere (as long as you are able to access your e-mail program).

machine No time wasted with staff walking a round to distribute faxes.

fastfax Go green! Save the environment and a tree!

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